Friday, July 26, 2013

Recent Jokes from Congress party

1)      Bring confidence to remove poverty – the royal heir to Congress party “Rahul Gandhi” has given a new slogan to remove poverty, “Bring Confidence to remove poverty”. He feels if a person who is confident cannot be poor. Well Rahul baba you are poor for sure, but are you confident of what you say.

2)      Once again planning commission is out in the open to make you laugh so much that your stomach will pain. They declared that a person earning more than Rs. 33 in urban areas and Rs. 27 in rural areas is not poor. So if a person spends more that Rs.33 or Rs.27 on himself he is not a poor person.

3)      Raj Babbar speaks- If you are in Mumbai, the financial capital of India and you are hungry, you can fill your stomach with plate of rice, sambhar,daal and little bit sabzi and you just need to spend Rs.12. He was never good in his acting and the it is worse when it come to Politics.

4)      Rashid Masud speaks – I don’t know about Mumbai but in Delhi you can have complete meals in just Rs. 5.

I am sure if this is the condition of our politicians, India will be declared MAD country by the world.

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