Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The fear of MODI #Modiphobia

The #Modiphobia is already showing its effect on anti-BJP parties and politicians. The latest and the deadliest victim of #Modiphobia is Md. Adeeb. He was the leader of the campaign which sent a letter to USA President Barack Obama, asking him not to provide Narendra Modi with American visa, the letter contained signatures of 65 MPs of Indian Parliament.

However, this campaign is now not only has become controversial but also a case of forgery as 10 out of 65 MPs have stated that they haven’t signed any such letter. The first one was Mr. Sitaram Yechury, a communist MP who simply states that I will be the last person to interfere in other country’s internal affairs. Mohd. Adeeb, the leader of this campaign is not in the mood to put his step back and still claiming that all these MPs have actually signed and he doesn’t know why they are refusing now.

Whatever, may be the case, whether the signatures were genuine or forged, sending a letter to USA President on this issue shows the mental degradation of Indian politicians, and the how far they can go when it is about opposing Narendra Modi.  The whole scenario has become two sided; the first side is For Modi and second is Against Modi.

The Congress party is already on its toes as they feel that Narendra MOdi is the biggest obstacle for them when it comes to Elections 2014. Rahul Gandhi is conducting workshops for party workers to tell them how to handle the Modi factor and he is giving tips on this issue. It sounds strange that a person who has no experience of handling any government position and who has always refrained from taking responsibility is teaching how to counter a person who has become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, third time.

Congress party is worried about the future of their party baby “Rahul Baba” whom they want to see as the new PM of India; however he has shown no caliber of this level, whatsoever. In fact, the famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani considers Rahul baba so inefficient and hopeless that he is suitable for the post of office clerk (as spoken in Aap Ki Adaalat in India TV news).

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