Sunday, September 22, 2013

Attacks in Pakistan and Kenya

Two terrorist attacks, two different locations on same day : result is same
Nearly 150 human beings have been killed in two different terrorist attacks in two different countries on the same day.
 One terrorist attack was aimed on Christians in the Peshawar city in a church. The method used was Human Bombs and 78 human beings are dead and hundreds are injured.
The other attack took place in Kenya where 68 human beings (including two Indians) have been killed and large number of people are kept hostage in a mall.
The attack in Peshawar was targeting the Christian community in Pakistan which constitutes only 4% of Pakistani population, while the attack in Kenya was the retaliation of Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia.
Prima facie, these two incidents have no connection as from location to the mode of attack is totally different, but if we concentrate on the attackers than there is one similarity: the terrorists are connected with Islam.
Most probably the attack in Pakistan has been carried on by the Sunni Muslim terrorist who are firm believers that there is no other religion in this world worth following other than Islam and are very much determined to kill other religion followers, at least from Pakistan, while the attack in Kenya has been carried on by an organization connected with Al-Qaida.
The terrorist organizations are using Islam as a weapon to spread terrorism and hatred. The Islamist organizations need to spread true knowledge about Islam in the word and Islamist countries also need to handle these terrorist organizations with hard hand as it is disgracing not only the whole Muslim community as labeling them as terrorists.

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