Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shehzada and his Political Immaturity

The Prince of Congress or Shehzada (as Narender Modi calls him) seems to be more confused than ever. From his explanation of Jupiter Escape Velocity to his disclosure of information received by an IB officer regarding Muzaffarnagar muslim youths, he has no idea what to say and what not to say.

Some days back in a rally he said that I will crush my dreams to make your dreams come true. What should the people of India make out of this? His dreams are different from ours, he is not connected to us by choice but by compulsion. Atleast this statement from Rahul Gandhi expresses his frustration and this is a statement made by a person who dreams of living a life different from the one, he is living now. For how long, he will be able to carry this responsibility keeping in mind that he is doing it unwillingly and for one reason that he belongs to Gandhi family.

But I won’t understand, why the members of Gandhi family feel that they are the only ones who have made sacrifices in this country, it is just them who has lost their loved and dear ones. The emotional card is a cheap tactic now, if you are angry with the murder of your grandmother, what do you feel about the anger that is prevailing in the hearts of the Sikh families who have lost their loved ones in the riots of 1984, which happened as a consequence of your grandmother’s murder.

Your father was also killed in a terrorist attack but there are lakhs of Indians who have been killed in terrorist attacks sponsored by Pakistan to which your Government has never been serious in dealing with. The Puppet Prime Minister and stupid Foreign minister always lay emphasis on talks with Pakistan. God Knows what your Government will get from these talks other than getting more Indians killed.
The Shehzada doesn’t have this much of intelligence that he should at least be able to understand that he should not speak in public about the information received by him on the matter of Muzaffarnagar muslim youths being contacted by ISI. First of all, why an officer of Intelligence Bureau has shared this information with Rahul Gandhi as he is not bearing any office, secondly he should have shared this information with his Government so any step should be taken and lastly when we have already seen such a bloodbath, he should have restrained himself from not making this statement.

He should understand that if he has lost his loved ones, he has also enjoyed the royal life, his Brother-in-Law has also been making a lot of money, land deals and there must be many other things happening around him which he is enjoying just because he is a member of Gandhi family, otherwise very less people have faith on his capability as a leader. Ram Jethmalani has gone to the extent that he won’t appoint Rahul Gandhi as a clerk or peon in his office and there is a huge educated crowd who feels the same. Recently Sharad Panwar has also expressed his dissent in working under him, ofcourse everybody is not like our Puppet Prime Minister, who is ready to work under Rahul baba.

Rahul Gandhi should have taken a post in Manmohan Singh’s government as it may have given him a chance to prove his mettle or vice-versa. There is no end to his political immaturity incidents and in present scenario the majority Indians doesn’t want to see him as the next Prime Minister. 

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