Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is thewebjob.com fake?

I have been getting promotional emails to join thewebjob.com and it has been promised that they a member can earn nearly USD 1200 in a single day through this website, which is many times higher to the amount a normal online worker can earn through Google Ad sense.

As far as my knowledge knows, Google Ad sense has been the best, genuine and highest pay master when it comes to online work payments, so if someone suddenly comes up and promises to pay this big amount and that too, in such a short period, it is difficult to believe for me. Earlier also I have wasted my time and money on www.surfjunky.com, www.readbud.com, etc., and in the end it is futile to work on “less time more money” type sites.

I did a little research on internet and found that thewebjob.com is just 7 days old and the ownership can’t be confirmed of this site. In fact, I am also pasting the links through which I have got this information, do visit them. One more thing, today www.thewebjob.com is not working properly.

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