Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sting operations in India

The tehelka magazine started the fashion of sting operations in India to bring out the truth from the closet, and it was very well taken by the common public as it brought out the reality in front of them. However, later on it is being used as a weapon to take revenge or to defame someone or a group. Every news channel went on a spree to conduct a sting operation, so that they can bring a secret out to the common public.

But in this race of sting operations, this sting operation has lost its meaning, rather than bringing out truth it is now used to manipulate people and present a picture which is not true. For example, recently we have witnessed almost the same thing in AAP sting operation. The web portal mediasarkar.com has conducted the whole sting operation but when AAP asked for raw footage so that they can view the whole operation, examine it so that they can make up their minds to take a disciplinary action against all its eight candidates, mediasarkar.com refused to it. This refusal, prima facie gives an indication that some manipulation must have been done otherwise why is there hesitation to share the raw footage.

Then AAP examined the footage that they got from Election Commission. Yogender, member of the footage examining team said in the press conference that if you remove 10 sec of footage from 2.30 mins of footage and this 10 sec is where the candidate is giving his honest opinion then it is clear that this whole sting operation is fraudulent.

The growing influence of AAP in New Delhi is alarming all the major political parties and even if AAP cannot make the government but they can spoil other party’s chances to a great extent. There can be a political set up behind the effort of jeopardizing the AAP chances in polls, it should make them more strong and united and now they should be beware of this type of false journalism.

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