Monday, December 2, 2013

Commuting in public transport makes people unhappy

Recently in a survey in Germany, it was found that people who commute more in public transport are unhappy than those who travel less in public transport. 

Well if it is the condition in Germany, what will be the results in India? The public transport system, especially city transport is like on a ride to hell. First of all, you won’t get a seat, may be you are standing on the gate as there may be no space inside. Even If you get inside, there may be no seat and you will travel standing experiencing the push and stinky smell of your fellow passengers. Now if you are lucky enough you may get a seat, but the people standing will constantly bend on u and u will constantly get irritated.

For ladies, it is more difficult as majority of Indian males don’t mind sitting on the seats reserved for ladies or senior citizens. Now if the bus is overcrowded and a lady has to travel standing than it is hundred percent sure that someone will try to touch or grope her.

The rail transport is also not very smooth as it is also facing problems from inefficiency and supervision. Not only the general coaches but the reserved coaches are filled with daily passengers in day time and a person who has booked the ticket for whole journey has to share his seat with daily passenger. The chances of making a protest is less as the number of daily passengers is quite high and they come supporting one another in any issue.

If the people in Germany who are travelling more is unhappy, in India the people who travel more is living their lives in hell and I can assure you without taking a survey.

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