Monday, December 2, 2013

Have confidence and no problem is big enough

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, you should not lose hope and always think positive. A person should always try to keep himself happy and enjoy the small moments of life also, rather than waiting for big moments to come and make you happy.

We all know this but we all seem to forget that “This too shall pass”.  The elders have always tried to educate us by telling that we should be modest in the time of happiness and subtle in the time of sadness, because there is one thing that is constant about time i.e it always change, it is never the same.
If you are going through tough times, you will see a better time and if you are going through a happier moments, some problems are waiting for the right time to enter your life.

The biggest problem of humans is, when we are going through a good phase, we don’t think about bad circumstances till we are actually faced with such circumstances. But what is the use of getting panicked, depressed and pessimist, it only increases the problems. Once you start thinking negative, you will find yourself surrounded by more and more negative thoughts which will ultimately send you into more pessimist state and make your life hell.

Instead of facing the problems with fighting attitude, strong confidence, we start blaming someone else, may be family, friends or GOD for creating such a trouble in our life. A person should keep himself calm, cool, quiet and think that how he should tackle the problem.

A person should always remember:

1)      With cool mind you can solve any problem while with panic and short temper, problems just increase.
2)      Sit down, analyze the problem, analyze the resources that you have to solve the problem and with a cool mind, think of using your resources in an optimum manner.
3)      Sometimes these problems in our life help us in finding who our friend in real is and who are just playing around to get benefits from us.
4)      Believe in yourself, because even God helps those who help themselves and only a confident person can help himself.
5)      Have faith in your capabilities and once you have decided, what to do then do it, don’t worry about what the world is talking about.
6)      It doesn’t matter if you are alone in this battle, when the world will watch your perservance, strength, dedication, devotion, and your zeal to win; the world will come supporting you. Sometimes even your family will won’t believe you but that is the time when a person should believe himself and fight his battle.

The most important thing is that “ This is your Battle, you have to fight it”, so keep confidence and hope of success and you will achieve success.

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