Friday, December 6, 2013

New Delhi may get a new Chief Minister

The wind is blowing against the congress in Delhi, that is a known fact and everybody seems sure about it without even using the facts and figures of opinion polls or exit polls. The exit polls have forecasted the win of BJP in four states out of five but the breathtaking point that has been stated by them is that Arvind Kejriwal may defeat Sheila Dikshit. On one hand is a new comer in politics while on the other side is a veteran who has led Congress to victory consecutive three times in Delhi.

Sheila Dikshit’s success in New Delhi is not only the outcome of her work done for Delhi but one reason was the absence of a strong opposition. There was no leader in BJP who was capable enough to take her on as they were busy in their own group politics.

The entry of Arvind Kejriwal has definitely shown a new ray of hope, but as it is first time for him and his party AAP, making a government is too much to expect from him.

The Nielsen survey predicts BJP : 37 seats, Congress : 16 and AAP: 15 seats
The ORG survey predicts BJP :41 seats, Congress : 20 and AAP : 6 seats.

So it is a possibility to a great extent that New Delhi will get a new Chief Minister who will not be from 

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