Monday, December 2, 2013

We, Indians don’t want holidays

Yes, we Indians are very hard-working and give more importance to our work and don’t like to take holidays – really, don’t give me this BS. But an article of newspaper The Times of India talks about of a survey which says that Indians like to encash holidays. This survey was conducted by an online travel portal,
Indians work on an average 42 hours a week which comes second to 44 hours per week of Hong Kong.
·         18 % Indians don’t use all the leaves.
·         94% Indians check work related emails during vacations also.
·         59 % Indians are not able to plan their vacation in advance due to work.
·         74 % Indians have either cancelled or postponed their vacations due to work.
Now if we Indians are so hard-working, workaholic and devoted towards our work than why the hell are we still a developing country even after more than 60 years of Independence. We come second in terms of population and if this population is so hard working then we should have been a super-power.
The majority of Indians don’t take leaves because they want to be in the good books of the employer and not because they are hard-working. Indians like to chit-chat, having tea and snacks during office hours more than working and this is the reason our six days of work is less than the five days work of other countries.  We are experts in pretending to be busy rather than making ourselves really busy.

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