Monday, December 9, 2013

Who will be the Chief Minister of New Delhi?

When I wrote my last article “New Delhi mayget a new CM”, I was sure that Congress is going to be defeated and BJP will make the next government and AAP will be successful in making a dent in Congress’s poll results. Sunday came with a bang, something which no one expected: AAP stood tall as the second largest party in Delhi after BJP, Infact they not only admitted Congress into ICU, they had also stopped BJP from making the government as BJP is still 4 seats away from getting majority despite the fact that they are the biggest party in these New Delhi Elections.

As of now, AAP is not in the mood to take or give support to BJP or Congress and due to this, it seems a distant dream for any party to make government.
AAP has surprised everyone, most probably they have surprised themselves as well but now they are in a position where a lot depends on them. They have the choice either to take support from Congress or BJP and make their government or give support to BJP so that they can form government.

Both the scenarios seem impossible considering the mood of AAP party members and New Delhi may need to go into elections again within six months. This will definitely be heavy on the expenditure side, as elections are the biggest festivals of Democracy and we Indians love to celebrate in a big manner.

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