Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal : An Activist or a Political Dramatist.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of New Delhi for 49 days, first Chief Minister to sit on dharna (a thing which he does best, whether it is for RTI, Janlokpal or taking action against Delhi Police). There are some characteristics of Arvind Kejriwal, which I have observed and want to share with everyone:

1)      He is a self-proclaimed Honest, Intelligent person.
2)      He has the authorization to ask questions to anyone.
3)      If someone does not replies to his questions, he is corrupt, cheat,etc.,
4)      Whatever he and his party worker do is always correct.
5)      He is very loyal to the public and he can go to any extent for public welfare, even if it is forming a government with congress support, the same party they called most corrupted and whom they defeated in elections.
6)      He is not hungry for power, infact he was most eager to make his own government fall as he doesn’t like to work but he loves to remain as an activist.
7)       In near future, he may visit the President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama with a list of questions, without taking prior appointment and if President Obama doesn’t meet him and doesn’t answer his questions, then he will declare President Obama as the most corrupt and non-efficient President that USA had till now.
8)      After Mahatama Gandhi, he is the only Indian who seeks truth and lives a simple and sober life.
9)      In the near future, people or organizations will hire him to tell them how to make their protest successful.
10)   He will an Activist expert and he will be taking lectures in IIMs on the topic of “Activism as a way of life” or “How to make a successful living from Activism”.

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