Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal : Confused politician or Over- enthusiastic Activist

Arvind Kejriwal, whom the tired, frustrated, angry, irritated Indians were considering as an answer to corrupt, selfish, non-ethical politicians has now become a great source of irritation for common Indian  only. When AAP started campaigning and they made promises regarding corruption-free government, good governance, free water, electricity at cheap rates, bringing down inflation, everybody thought that this party will be a party with a big difference. They are still a party with big difference but that difference is not seen in governance; instead it is seen in political dramatization of any situation. 

Common public supported AAP with heart and head and it was clearly visible in the form of seats won by them in Delhi and it was the best chance for AAP to prove themselves. They could have run the government and make people believe that they are good if not the best in governance and there is not much difference in what they speak and what they do. However, the Aam Aadmi party and its Chief Minister had a different plans. This was the first chance in the history of independent India, that the Chief Minister of a state was more interested in making his government fall rather than running it. Arvind Kejriwal became the first Chief Minister to sit on dharna, proving himself as a better activist than a Chief Minister.
There may be many reasons for failing their own government:
Firstly, nobody expected this big success for AAP in Delhi elections, not AAP themselves. This must have been a great shocker for AAP and they were caught in a tight situation as they themselves have expected 8-10 seats considering the fact that their party is just a year old and this was their first elections.
Secondly, AAP had a long list of promises that they made to the public when they went for contesting elections, without even chalking out the practical plan of fulfilling them. Making promises is very easy but fulfilling them is very tough and this may have brought them in a tough situation.
Thirdly, the success of Delhi elections has made them greedy and they are looking to repeat the whole success in the Lok Sabha Elections, and this is why they are not interested in running the Delhi government.
There can be many more reasons which AAP only knows for cheating the public of New Delhi but it is a truth that AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has lost a great chance to prove themselves and letting this chance go so easily has also reduced the faith of public in AAP.

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