Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sabir Ali or a Storm for BJP

The induction of Sabir Ali in BJP has produced such strong reactions as if there is a storm in BJP. Most probably the decision of inducting Sabir Ali into party will be reversed today but the main question is what is making BJP welcoming every Tom, Dick and Harry into the party?
 Muqhtar Abbas naqvi seemed to be most aggravated with the entry of Sabir Ali, his anger was clearly visible in his tweet where he wrote that at this rate, very soon Dawood will also join the party. However, later he deleted his twitter account as clearly he has crossed his limits in showing his resentment and it was not taken in a good manner by the senior leaders.

Sabir Ali was a member of Janta Dal United, until he was expelled for praising Narendra Modi and his policies. There are allegations that Indian Mujaheedeen Chief Yasin Bhatkal was arrested from his house, however these allegations are just present on social media and Police and Home Ministry has not made any statement on this issue.
In all likelihood, Sabir Ali’s membership from BJP will be cancelled and there may be chances that Sabir Ali may go to court against Muqhtar Abbas Naqvi for calling him friend of Yasin Bhatkal.

This is not the first case in which the party workers of BJP have shown resentment over the entry of a new member, earlier examples was Pramod Muthalik, Sonaram, Jagdambika Pal, etc.,

This is not seen in a good perspective as welcoming everyone into the party is not only making dedicated party workers angry but also it sends a message to the public that BJP is lacking confidence and this is why they are needing external help.

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