Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Yrs Girl Tells Mom How Her Uncle Sexually Harasses Her. Her Father’s Reaction Will Boil Your Blood

We Indians, have been shouting on the top of our voices for making the country safe for women but we are not even able to provide security to the kids in their own houses. A good number of kids, both boys and girls get sexually molested by their own family members in India and what is more shocking is that the accused are protected by their family members while no sympathy is being shown to the victim.

Earlier, living in a joint family was considered a great option as the kids were well protected and taken care of, even both the parents are employed but after reading this story, you will be confused as to from whom we need to save our kids, from the outsiders or our own family members.

This incident took place in Lucknow, where a 5-yr old girl was molested by her own uncle in the very same house where the whole family lives. The story was told to Richa Srivastava of Hindustan Times by the girl’s mother in which she talked about her fight and trauma that her daughter is going through:

“I used to be busy in the office with no idea of what my five-year-old was undergoing at home. I had my reasons for being free of worry. We lived in a joint family, so she was never alone. There were grandparents, cousins and uncles and an aunt at home with her.

Then my daughter got unwell.

She also started preferring to stay in our room instead of playing outside. When I asked her the reason, she complained of pain in her private parts and stomach. I thought it was due to season change and advised her to keep her private parts clean and drink plenty of water. Little did I realise that her problem was something else altogether.

One day, as I was showing her a video on ‘good and bad touch’ on my mobile phone, she suddenly said, “I play this game with chacha regularly.” Even as I was taken aback, I again showed her the video and asked her about the ‘game’ in detail.

She said that the game was called ‘demon and monster’. All cousins would hide and whoever found the hidden people would be free to do whatever he /she wished with them. So, as all other children hid themselves, my brother-in-law sexually abused my daughter, telling her that it was a part of the game.

When I told my husband about it, he did not support me, so, I decided to fight it out on my own. My brother-in-law’s despicable actions had left my daughter in pain and affected her mind too. It took months of counselling to bring out the fear from her mind, but I am sure she will carry the scars all through life – never forgetting what happened with her.

When I confronted my brother-in-law, he admitted to everything and apologised. My mother-in-law said he had “committed a mistake” and that I should forgive him. But I could not let him go unpunished. It was necessary to bring out the devil from his mind else he would continue to target children.

So, I got an FIR registered against him. He was arrested and remained in jail for two months.
Today, all my family blames me for raising my voice against my daughter’s abuse. They sympathise with him and have put in a lot of effort to get him out on bail.

The family is trying to prove he’s a juvenile to help him escape punishment. But I know he isn’t a juvenile and will continue to fight for my daughter even if no one supports me.”

What is the difference between those monsters who rape, abuse and molest the girls and these family members who can’t show humanity to a 5-yr old girl who has gone through so much, so early in life?

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