Monday, May 8, 2017

Kashmiri People Love Terrorists & Terrorism, Here Is The Proof

If we ask you that given a choice whom do you want to see standing outside your house – a police officer or a terrorist, we are sure that you will choose a police officer but that doesn’t seems to be the case with the Kashmiri people.

On Saturday, a terrorist attack was carried out by the terrorist outfit, Hizbul Mujaheedin in Anantnag in which one policemen, Azhar Mehmood was killed along with three civilians.

Azhar was handling the traffic after an accident took place on the road when terrorists came and tried to seize guns from the policemen and fire at them. Azhar held the terrorist, Fayaz Ahmad Aishwar by his throat and the other terrorists opened fire at Azhar while Fayaz was also killed during the incident.

You will be shocked to know that the funeral procession of the police officer, Azhar Mehmood was attended by just his family while thousands of Kashmiris attended the funeral of terrorist, Fayaz Ahmad Aishwar making it quite clear that with whom their loyalty lays.

Gulzar Ahmad Sheikh, Azhar Mehmood’s relative, said,
He was working with police for the last eight years. He is survived by two children, one is just eight month old and his wife.”

While the dead terrorist was not an innocent Kashmiri, he had his involvement in the Udhampur terrorist attack on BSF camp, 2015 and carried a bounty of Rs. 2 lakh on his head.

After the death of Burhan Wani, many terrorists are wandering in the valley without any fear and the biggest problem for the security forces is the local public support that these terrorists are enjoying.

It seems that Kashmiris love terrorists and terrorism; do let us know your opinion in this regard.

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