Thursday, January 25, 2018

Arshi Khan Took A Dig At Shilpa Shinde For Not Attending Her Party With This Tweet

Arshi Khan is known to spoke her heart out and it seems that Shilpa’s absence from her party doesn’t go down with her in a good manner. 

Arshi organised a party and invited her Bigg Boss 11 mates, while the party was attended by Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Akash Dadlani, Sabyasachi Satapathy and Jyoti Kumari but Shilpa Shinde decided to give it a miss.

This is what Arshi said to Telly Masala,

“I think she doesn’t have time for this. Maybe she did what she did only for the show. If she really considered me as her daughter, she would have been here with me. I tried my best to talk to her. In fact, I even called her and I told her that the audience really liked our rapport, and this is something that she should not break, but looks like she doesn’t have time for all this.”

Quite visible that Arshi is very hurt and now she has made a tweet in which it seems that she has taken a dig at Shilpa, Arshi tweeted,

Har rishte me farz hota Hai jab kuch kiya jaaye to apne pehchaan wale ko bulaya jaaye r jb wo aaye to acche se istaqbaal kiya jaaye
Bulana mera farz.
Aana unka farz
Ku ki ZAMEER nhi hilte yaha
ZAMEEN hil jaati hai”

Arshi hasn’t taken anybody’s name in the tweet but it is quite easy to understand that it is targeted at the Bigg Boss 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde.

However, this tweet has been made after Shilpa has already explained why she didn’t Arshi’s party. She simply stated that she is not a party animal and she was already out of the house till late that night and she didn’t wanted to attend the party just for the sake of it and in fact, she forget about Arshi’s party and when she remembered it was too late.

We feel that Arshi and Shilpa have managed to sort out their differences towards the end of the show and they should sort this matter also in order maintain cordial relations.

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