Monday, January 8, 2018

Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi Is Out Of The House, Feels That This Contestant Will Win The Show

Luv Tyagi must have been hurt badly after getting evicted from the house of Bigg Boss 11 after spending 14 weeks in it and especially when the finale is just a week away. The boy from Delhi who was hoping to be in the top four, said,

“Something within was telling me that I might get voted out this week. After all, I was the only commoner, while everyone else was a celebrity. Compared to a newcomer like me, they have more fan following. Akash Dadlani, commoner and music artist cleverly saved himself this time. He was the contestant who should have gone out.”

Luv got saved many times earlier and not just the housemates but the host of the show, Salman Khan also felt that it is just because of Luv’s good fortune that he is getting saved, he said,

“He [Salman Khan] used to say it because he wanted me to make my presence felt, which was very much required. For me, he was like a guiding force. But, personally, I don’t think it was just luck. This was a new world for me and I did not know how to go about things in the beginning. But slowly, as I started understanding the game, I started playing it genuinely from the heart. And my game became better as days passed.”

These are his thoughts in relation to his dispute with actress Hina Khan during the Mountain task that may have made an effect on the voting, he said,

“Yes, I have also thought on the same lines. Her (Hina’s) fans might have got disappointed by the argument we had during the task and those who used to vote for us together might have not done it this time. But I had to do what I did. I even had a word with Hina about it and she was okay with my strategy. Later, she started playing against me. May be deep down she didn’t like it.”

As far his journey in Bigg Boss is concerned, he said,

“It has been a learning experience for me. And I must say it’s really difficult to stay detached from the world. I don’t remember my social media passwords, names, contact numbers, and so many things other things. But the one thing that I will remember is what I saw in the mall. We went there for live voting and the fans were going crazy. They were shouting Hina and Shilpa’s names. Even I had my supporters. I did not know how to react and turned to Shilpa because she has had such experiences before. She told me to stay calm.”

Luv had a list in his mind of the top three contestants of the house and he wanted to be at the number four, he told,

“I saw Vikas at number 3, second was Hina and first was Shilpa. In the fourth place, I could see myself, and I really wanted to be there.”

Luv will now shift to Mumbai as he desires to become an actor, he said,

“I never had any interest in my family business. I always wanted to become an actor. Lead role; be it on TV, films or web, is what I am looking at. After Bigg Boss, I am hoping for the best. And, I have kept in mind what Salman Khan has told me… the show will change my life and I must learn how to handle things.”

We also wish “All The Best” to Luv Tyagi for his future endeavours and what do you think, who will win the Bigg Boss 11?


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