Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hina Khan Called Sakshi Tanwar Cockeyed Eye, Now She Said This About It

The controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11 may have ended but it seems that Hina Khan has lot of questions to answer related to her stint in the house of Bigg Boss.

Hina Khan has been slammed many times for the statements that she gave while she was inside the house and one of those statement was the one in which she said that “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii” fame actress Sakshi Tanwar is cockeyed eye.

This was said by her in the house when she was having a conversation with Arshi Khan, however when she was asked about it, she said,

"Let me clarify this, I am a big fan of Sakshi Tanwar may be the conversation that I had was interpreted in a wrong way. The conversation was started by someone else and I respect Sakshi a lot. You guys just see 45 minutes of footage but we stay there for 24 hours. There are other things as well and as when I come across other statements I will clear them too."

When she was asked about her relation with the other contestants after coming out of the house, she said that now they all are friends and they are planning to go on a trip now, this is what she said,

"Whatever happened inside doesn't matter now. All of us (the housemates) have decided to go on a trip. We were partying together and had a blast. We had decided that once we will be out of the house we will forget everything and just be friends. We realized that on the show we fought with each other and said too many things, but in the party we all were having fun. On the show we were competing against each other and so there were situations when we fought. But now all is sorted and we head soon for a holiday trip."

Let’s see whether Sakshi Tanwar will say anything about it or not.

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