Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hina Khan Got Trolled By KRK For Talking About Vote Difference With Shilpa Shinde

One of the most controversial reality shows, Bigg Boss 11 has ended on 14th January with actress Shilpa Shinde emerging as a winner, defeating another actress Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta in the finals.

The relations between Shilpa and Hina, inside the house were never cordial and they were always having arguments related to various matters, it was in the last few weeks only when their relationship with each other improved a little.

Shilpa won the trophy with Rs. 44 lakh cash and this is what she said after winning,

“To be able to hear your name in the voice of Bigg Boss as a winner is the best feeling that one can ever experience. It is a show that has made me more respectful towards myself. I have learnt a lot on this show and more than that I have grown stronger as person and as a human being.  The immense love and warmth from a lot of people has got me here to this stage. I had decided that if ever in my life I would need any kind of support, I would turn to Salman Khan, but destiny had other plans and ultimately brought me here at this juncture. I am I l overwhelmed at this moment and I'm glad I had this opportunity to work with Bigg Boss 11 and Colors.”

Hina Khan, the “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” fame actress also had a great fan following but she still lost, this is what she said,

"Shilpa and I had 50-50 chances. We both were very nervous and we knew one of us will win. It is matter of few votes. We played well. It is not important to win the show, what you have taken back from your experience on the show and earning respect is important.”

There was also news that Hina said that the difference between votes received by her and Shilpa was just few thousands and it was Salman Khan who told her this.

However, she was trolled by self-proclaimed Kamaal Rashid Khan on twitter as KRKBoxoffice tweeted,

“This @eyehinakhan has lost the #BiggBoss11 but hasn’t stopped lying. She said that she has lost by 1000 Votes while #ShilpaShinde got 7 million more votes than her. Hina dear, pls accept that you are a star on Mars only.”

It is being said that Shilpa defeated Hina by more than 7 million votes and it is definitely a big win for Shilpa.

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