Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kashmiri Youth’s Dangerous Train Stunt Video Goes Viral. It Will Give You Nightmare

There is no dearth of stupid people in this world and we are going to share a video of one such human being, who happens to be from Kashmir and the stupid act that he has done will shock you to the core.

In this video, a guy can be seen lying down between the railways tracks with his face down and a train passes over him.

After the train passes over him, he can be seen making a celebratory shout as if he has accomplished something really big.

The Kashmiri youth is clad in a phiran and that was flapping as the train was passing and if it would have caught with something, he would have been severely injured or dead.

The twitter user, Umar Ganie who shared this video online tagged the CM of J&K, J&K police and former CM of state, Omar Abdullah in his tweet and the internet is angry with this youngster.

Click here to see the tweet

The former CM also responded and scolded the adventurous youth, click here to see what he tweeted

Click here to see some reactions from twitter

What do you have to say on such acts of stupidity, do let us know.

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