Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bigg Boss 11- Shilpa Said Arshi Used Her Name For Publicity. Arshi Slammed & Called Shilpa Useless Friend

Bigg Boss 11 has been quite controversial from the beginning and succeeded in keeping audiences engrossed till the end. A major credit for the same goes to contestants who left no stone unturned in entertaining viewers.

Arshi Khan is one of the most controversial contestants of the popular TV reality show and she made news with her antics in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Her fights with Shilpa Shinde were noticed by audiences and she also received flak from social media users for the same.

However, she managed to stay in limelight even when she was ousted from the BB11 house and after the show is over. Be it her dance video or sensational interviews, everything related to her makes headlines. In short, love her or hate her but you just can’t ignore her. Who can forget that she was quite famous even before entering Bigg Boss 11, thanks to her videos and the statements in which she alleged that she had a relationship with cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Talking about Arshi and her BB co-contestant Shilpa Shinde, they were initially friends and then a rift came in their relationship but as the show was about to end, they became friends again. Nevertheless, the recent reports suggest that they no more have a camaraderie and Shilpa even alleged that Arshi used her name to gain publicity. Arshi slammed Shilpa for this and went on to call her a “useless friend”.

This is how Arshi reacted over it,

“I am still using her name (Laughs) ohh yaa that’s why she chooses to follow my interviews and gives statements after statements. Let me not give her another chance to talk against me and grab headlines. I choose not to comment on my useless friend.”

When Arshi was questioned as to whether Shilpa misinterpreted her remarks about Vikas as well as Shilpa’s wedding, she had this to say,

“Yes completely. Why will I talk about others? If people ask me something about Shilpa and I am aware of the topic, I will obviously react and I did the same. I was not gossiping about her. I don’t tell people to ask me about Shilpa. I just want to tell her to calm down as she has been a celeb all this while and she doesn’t need to react to everything. If she continues to behave this way, it will only go against her as this will show that she doesn’t respect the friends she made in the Bigg Boss house. For me, everyone is like a family. Even when I see any of my Bigg Boss inmate’s picture on social media, I feel like it is my family member. That’s my upbringing.”

She further added,

“I remember someone said to me in the house.. that Maa kaha hai.. toh respect karo.. From that time onwards, I have always respected Shilpa and I will continue to be the same. I feel if she had any problem with me, she could have picked up her phone and called me up, instead of including the media. I would like to tell her we are sisters and not to include the media in our fights.”

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