Wednesday, February 7, 2018

PM Modi Tears Congress Apart In Parliament & Twitter Enjoyed It. Hilarious Memes Outpoured

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress party and it’s newly appointed President Rahul Gandhi in a very aggressive manner, while he was addressing the Lok Sabha, speaking on the motion of thanks to the President after the Budget.

PM Modi just ripped apart the Congress when he said that it is them who divided the country and looted the country.

He also targeted the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and said, "The country was partitioned, the seeds of poison was sown. You divided the country for electoral and petty gains...people are suffering even today."

PM Modi spoke for nearly 90 minutes in Lok Sabha and during all this time, the Congress and opposition MPs were shouting slogans but he kept speaking.

He said, "When we compare the work done in three years of the NDA government to that done by the Congress overall...When we compare the facts, figures and numbers...well, what comparison we are even talking about? There is none. The Congress has failed the people miserably."

Rahul Gandhi, while talking to the media outside Parliament reacted with this statement on PM’s speech, "He keeps taking about the Congress... yes, there is a place for it. You do it at a public rally, its perfectly fine, but not in parliament. Here you don't criticize or raise questions on the Congress, here you answer to the people of the country."

Click here to see the twitter reactions on PM’s speech and how he ripped apart the Congress party

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