Monday, March 12, 2018

American Celeb Sonja Morgan Suffers Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunction & Most Body Parts Were Wildly Visible

Being a celebrity is not an easy deal and even though stardom comes with a lot of name, fame and money, it also brings much pressure. A celebrity is required to maintain his/her status and no matter whatever the problem is, they have to look cheerful and welcoming.

One more thing they need to be very cautious about is their dressing sense. They have to look unique in order to stand out among the crowd of many and for the same, designers often design some weird dresses that may appear to be cool but it’s not easy or rather comfortable to carry them. Sometimes, it may result into disastrous wardrobe malfunctions as it recently happened with American celeb Sonja Morgan.

Sonja Morgan, the star of Real Housewives Of New York (RHONY), underwent a hardcore wardrobe malfunction in Manhattan as she danced on the cabaret show of LuAnn De Lesseps.

All of a sudden, her dress opened from back and most of her body parts were visible. This was indeed a very shocking site but it’s credible on the part of Sonja Morgan that she continued her performance by holding dress from back.

In the meantime, a woman from audience made an attempt of helping her out; however, she failed in doing so and it was Sonja Morgan only who tied her dress later on.

The wardrobe malfunction’s video got viral on the Internet and social media.

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