Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath is a firm believer of Hinduism and he has never shied away from talking about his religious beliefs.

He is certainly one of the most talked about political leaders of India and nowadays he is getting more famous because of his no-compromise attitude towards crime and criminals. The criminals are either surrendering or running out of UP as they fear that they will be killed in encounter by the police.

On March 6, Yogi Adityanath once again made it clear that he is a devout Hindu and he won’t be celebrating Eid just to get political benefits. While speaking in the assembly on the thanksgiving motion on Governor’s speech, he said, “I am devout Hindu and don’t celebrate Eid. Why should I celebrate Eid when I take pride in my own religion? I am not one of those who sport sacred thread (Janeu) and at the same time wear cap (Muslim topi)  and kneel down to offer prayers.”

With this statement, he directly took a jibe at SP leaders and Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, this is what Yogi Adityanath said:

On the matter of changing the time of Namaj on March 2, when the Hindus were celebrating Holi, he said:

“This year Holi coincided with Jumah Namaj and I directed my officers to appeal Imams for shifting timings of Jumah Namaj for facilitating Hindus to play colours. Holi comes once in a year but Jumah Namaj is offered 52 times. I thank Muslim religious leaders that accepted my appeal and shifted timings of the Jumah Namaj.”

However, he also made it clear that though he may not celebrate festivals of other religion but the government will support and protect each and every person who wants to celebrate his religious festivals.

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