Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love and Lies

One of the best mails in recent times
[Anonymous kid]: Daddy Daddy...

[Anonymous Dad]
 :Yes Timmy !

[ Timmy] :Daddy, I've got an assignment to write for school. Will you help me? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 Oh ! Okay !! What's yr assignment on?

[Timmy] :Love !

 :Wow ! You have an assignment on it ? In my days, the teachers were against our er... assignments ;)

[Timmy] :No Dad, we are supposed to write something on the meaning of love...its Valentines day, na !

 :Love...hmm lemme see !

[Timmy] :wait. Wait... Lemme write it down... :)

 :Love... Love is about Lies !

[Timmy]: Lies ???

 :You see, Timmy... All my life, i have said lies in love & i've found it to be the best gift you can give a person.

[Timmy] :How, Dad?

 :Well, the first time i met yr mom for a Valentines day 7 yrs ago. She was not the hottest of chicks in college, if you know wt i mean...

[Timmy] :Hot chick ?

 :You get it in due time, son... ;)
Anyways... i saw this cute girl standing at a corner of the dance floor. I heard one of my friends say that she couldn't get any date for the party.
So here i was, cursing my luck as my date's grandmom expired n that left me in the same predicament ?

[Timmy] :Pedica ??

[Dad], problem !

[Timmy] :Oh...

 :So i went up to yr Mom n told her.."Hey, How come such a beautiful lady like you does not have all the guys crooning over you?"
Now, i knew very well that even i wouldn't have asked her to dance if i had a choice, but it was that one little lie that got us together !

[Timmy]: But Dad, aint it bad to lie ?

 :Son, sometimes you have to lie to make the ppl you love happy !
Every Valentines day after that, i used to tell yr mom that she was the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
Now yes, i think she's cute & pretty in a special kind of way, but you tell me...Do you think she has the legs of Sharon Stone and the figure of Alicia Silverstone ?

[Timmy] :Eh... I dont know any of these stones, dad !

 :Hmm.. ok...Lets just say that yr mom was just an ordinary Wilma from the Flintstones !

[Timmy] :I know Wilma ! I know Wilma !!

 :Hehe... & then again...
When yr mom was pregnant with you... she used to ask me every day how she looked ? Did she look fat ?
Now frankly, she had gained about 30-40 pounds... & was always in one of her moods..
But i'd tell her.."Nooooooooooooo Honey, you are glowing ! You look fabulous !!
Now if i told her she looked like a fat cow, it would have hurt her !

[Timmy] :Ya...

 :So you see son...Love is when you say those little lies to keep someone happy !
ok... i've gotta go now... All the best with yr assignment...

[Timmy] :Bye Dad !


[Timmy] :Love means lying ??? Maybe i'll ask Mom

[Timmy] :Mom..Mom... i have an assignment for will help me, na !

 :Timmy, you know i'v to go out with daddy in another 1/2 hr

[Timmy] :Pleaseeeeeeeee Mommy !

 ok...Timmy. wts the topic ?

[Timmy]: Eh... Love !

 :Love...Love is about knowing the goodness of a person's heart, honey !

[Timmy] :Goodness of heart ? huh ?

 :It’s like this...
When i was in college, yr Dad used to tell me i should be in hollywood. Now i knew he was just lying, but i also knew that he dint want me in hollywood, but rt next to him!
& when i was pregnant, i used to look so fat i looked like Santa Claus ! But yr Dad would say i was looked weak n would feed me everything he could find !
His lies were so dumb, i even thought i had married a stupid...but the truth is that this stupid cared enough to lie...just to make me happy !

[Timmy] :But... he was lying, rt ?

 :Well honey...he was just being a guy !
& i knew everytime that he was lying to me... but every single time, i also knew that he said those lies coz he loved me !

[Timmy] :Hmm...

 :Ok honey... i'v to go get ready now. byeeeee


Topic : Love
Author : Timmy

Love... When someone lies to you n you smile... coz you know the person cares enough for ur happiness to lie to you !!!

The End

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