Friday, May 18, 2012

What is Copywriting ? Is it a good career for freelancers?

No, it is not just copy and write, then what it is?

What is copywriting?
Copywriting is the artistic use of words to promote a product, a brand or a website. It is really a difficult work as a customer has to be persuaded to buy a product or to use a website, just by using a bunch of words collectively keeping in mind that the copy written is in synchronization with the uses or productivity of the product, that it is being made for.

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Who needs copywriting?
Every organization which manufactures good which are to be sold to consumers, every website which needs traffic, every brand which wants more and more people to remember them, every service offering company which wants people to call them whenever they need a type of service which is provided by them. If you start making a list, it will be a very long list and maybe there will be no end to it as daily new businesses are being set up. So, in a nutshell, copywriting is a job which will be always in demand and it contains a lot of opportunities for those who want to do well in this field.

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Who does copywriting?
In earlier days, the copywriter was a part of an organization and was paid on salary basis as the other employees of the organization. In those days, copywriting was considered a job similar to the other administrative jobs but later, when the importance of copywriting was understood, people started formingcopywriting agencies whose main work was to do just copywriting.
Copywriting agencies were formed by the people who were pretty aware with the importance of advertisement and promotion. The organizations started outsourcing their copywriting work to these agencies and concentrated on their core strengths.

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Due to the huge scope of copywriting, now-a-days, there is a huge force of freelance copywriters, who work on either hourly basis or assignment basis. The increased use of internet has also helped both the copywriters and the firms to work together.

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What qualities a copywriter must possess?
1.       Excellent writing skills- writing skills should be of excellent level as he needs to keep many things in mind while doing the job for eg. The limit of words that can be used, giving proper message within the limited words and attract the customer, etc.,
2.       Creativity – a copywriter should be a creative person as he needs to think on different lines while working on different projects, for example copywriting for a electronics firm is far different from copywriting for a automobile firm.
3.       Always give best performance – a copywriter should always give best performance while working on every project, because every work of yours will speak for you.


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