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How to prepare for Interview - 2

Continuation from Part-1
As we have already discussed the questions

Q1. Q1. Please tell us something about yourself? &  Q2.Why should we hire you? in the article Interview Preparation – 1, now we are going to talk about the questions :

Q3. what is your aim in life?
A very simple question, even from the childhood our parents start asking us what you want to become when you grow up but for many of us answers change when we grow up. However, you should be careful while answering this question as your aim now should match the profile of the job, for e.g if you are giving interview for the post of sales manager and your answer to this question is that I want to become a pilot. Is there any way that you can get this job? There are some options to this answer:
(a)   I want to do good in my life, perform well in my job and attain a position in my life where I will be respected by the society and my parents will be proud of me.
(b)   I don’t keep long term aims as I live my life moment by moment, as there is nothing certain and I believe living my life in this moment as this is the most important moment of my life, and at this moment my aim is to get this job.

Q4. What do you want to join this particular sector?
You should be having a good idea of the answer to this question as it may be your first choice or you have worked hard and got the degree to work in this sector or the most booming and stable sector and you would be able to lead a happy and secure life if you join this sector. The answer will change person to person and circumstances, so be sure of giving proper answer as per your case.

We will be discussing more questions in next part…

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