Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kudos to these victims for setting up brave examples

The first episode of Satyamev jayate talked about the female foeticide and it started with sharing of experiences of victims who have faced these problems in their life.

The first victim guest on the show Satyamev Jayate was Amisha Yagnik from Ahmedabad. She told Aamir khan that she was forced by her husband and in-laws to abort her baby girl and it happened six times in eight years and she was able to give birth to a daughter only after she adamantly refused to bow down to her husband and in-laws. Now she as got separated from her husband and she is doing a job and taking care of her daughter on her own.

The second victim guest on the show was Parveen Khan who belongs form Morena, Madhya Pradesh told that her husband used to beat her whenever they had a fight and he grew more ferocious when Parveen khan decided to give birth to girl baby against his wishes. One day he sent his two daughters out to play and then he came in house and he came and holded Parveen strongly as she was lying on the bed and start biting her face with his teeth. He disfigured her face which was cured by a Plastic surgeon from Jaipur. The photographs of Parveen’s disfigured face were shown on the show and it was really gruesome.
The third victim guest was Mitu Khurana from Delhi, a doctor by profession, wife of an orthopaedic surgeon, daughter-in-law of a retired Professor from Delhi university and retired vice-principal mother-in-law. As soon as they came to know that Mitu is pregnant they started pressurizing her for the ultrasound, however when Mitu refused they played a trick on her and got the ultrasound. The result showed twin daughters and now they wanted them aborted, if not both atleast one, but Mitu didn’t succumbed to their pressure and gave birth to these daughters with her parent’s support. However, her returning to her husband’s house was a mistake as no one was helping her and taking care of twin daughters is not an easy task. As she was returning she kept her babies in a baby carrying basket and then her mother-in-law kicked one basket from the stairs to kill one daughter, the protection of blanket and other cloth saved the kid but it showed us that even well-educated section of society is barbaric from inside.
These three ladies are a great example for those who are facing this problem in their life and every lady should now take this decision that they will not let their daughter die like this. 

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