Sunday, June 3, 2012

What is the Dress code for the Interview?

As we are already discussing the questions asked in an interview, let us not forget one of the most important aspect of facing interview, i.e the dress code for the interview

The dress worn by a candidate has a great impact on the interviewer as it reflects the attitude and personality of the candidate. The candidate should be very careful while choosing his/ her dress for the interview. The dress should be simple and sober and definitely not a flashy one. The dress helps a candidate in making a good first impression which creates a positive image of the candidate in the mind of the interviewer. If the candidate is not properly dressed, he will unnecessary create problems for himself even before the first question is asked.

Dress code for male candidates –

Male candidates should be in light color shirt and dark color trousers, tie should be matching with the shirt and trouser. Never wear ankle socks for an interview and also keep in mind that color of the socks should also match with the trousers and shoes. The color of shoes and belt should be same. One thing that a candidate should also keep in mind that he shouldn’t wear shirt with designs or checks for an interview as tie with a check design shirt is a big NO. The candidate should be shaved and hair properly combed, shoes must be polished.

Dress code for female candidates –

Dresses for the female candidates which are suited for interview are business suits and sarees. Business suits give a professional look to the candidate and the shirt should not be very dark colored, try to wear light color shirt. Saree should also be sober and simple with light design on it and it should be different for the saree worn in functions and parties. The makeup should be simple as you are going for an interview and not for a party.
Remember, the only thing which matters most for an interviewer is the ATTITUDE for the candidate and everything comes after that. 

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