Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beni babu what did you just said?

Beni babu is very happy with the rising inflation as it is helpful for the farmers, really is it so? What is the logic behind this statement…oh, my mistake, how can a statement given by a politician can have a logic, it has to be illogical, vague and stupid.
The cost of seeds, fertilizers, labour everything else connected to agriculture is going up but Beni babu is very happy. The farmers are in a state of misery as they are not able to pay their debts and forced to commit suicide but Beni babu is very happy.
In fact, the farmers themselves must be shocked that how can they be happy when the inflation is rising. The farmers are unknown to their happiness but Beni babu knows everything about farmer’s happiness and he is very happy.
This simple example shows us that what type of people we are sending to Parliament, they are not only lacking professional qualifications but they are also lacking the basic human common sense.
This example not only portrays the stupidity of our politicians but it also depicts foolishness on the part of Indian public as we are the people who are giving them our votes and making them capable of becoming ministers while in reality they are not even capable of being appointed as peons.
Jaago Bharat Jaago

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