Sunday, October 14, 2012

Use of brain

Two men and a woman friends took across the forest  hiking trip  and reached at a bank of a swelling, turbulent river. They had to cross it to prove themselves. So first man prayed the lord and requested woman to go back home. He then jumped into river to cross it depending on his smart swimming skills and athletic body. It took him couple hours and two critical drowning escapes before he could reach the other side.

The second man jumped into the river after prayer depending on his physical fitness skills and intelligence. He pleaded the woman to go back home. The man lost balance, drank lot of water and saved himself from drowning a few times. Then he made it in a few hours.   
The woman saw the ridiculous plights of two men. So she walked further upstream on the bank for half an hour, saw a swinging bridge built by local mountain villagers. Along with a villager she crossed the river, walking on the bridge with swinging fun, well ahead of two men.    

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