Friday, January 18, 2013

Hang Delhi rape victim's friend

A 56-year old Supreme Court Lawyer Manohar lal Sharma wants the friend of Delhi gang rape victim to be hanged as he feels the gang rape has happened because of the lust of victim’s friend. So, does he mean that the six accused have nothing to do with the rape and he also went on saying that no respected woman is ever raped and even criminals don’t dare to rape a respected woman, which in return implies that all the women who are raped are disrespectful, character-less, and they invite rapist to rape them.

If this is the quality of our lawyers at Supreme Court of India, the apex court of the country, then even GOD can’t do anything for us. There are lot of people who make an argument that the victim and her friend should not have been on road in late night, but why? This is just an argument to shield the destructed mentality of some Indian men and inefficiency of Government to provide protection to its citizens.

The Uttrakhand Government has one step further by imposing restrictions for women for working after 6 in evening. The Uttrakhand government has just openly admitted that they are not able to provide for safety of woman in night, but if the government is not in a position to provide protection to its citizens 24 hrs, 7 days a week, then what right does it have to remain in power. Majority of the state governments, and even our robotic Prime Minister and his cabinet does not deserve to remain in power but they can’t be removed as there is no one more deserving to take charge.

We, Indians claim proudly to be the biggest democracy but honestly there is nothing to be proud of our democratic system.

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