Monday, January 14, 2013

Pakistan : A troubling neighbour

Pakistan, is absolutely opposite to its name as Pakistan means a place which is pure and Pakistan can be anything but not pure. We Indians again showed our civilized approach and our zeal for peace by calling them for playing cricket and they replied it by killing our soldiers and infact they paid us bonus by taking away one soldier’s head. It is not a big deal if Pakistan is doing all this; BIG DEAL is what we are doing for Pakistan. Pakistan never deserved the treatment that we gave it; whether it is recent times or whether it was 1947.
Our political leaders have always shown some hesitation in replying in a proper manner to Pakistan. We always believe in talks and creating International pressure on Pakistan which has never bothered Pakistan. Why don’t we understand that Pakistan is a country which hates peace, they can’t live without hating India, how much you try to maintain good relations with it, on regular intervals Pakistan will do something or other to irritate you and make you angry.
But my question is if we knew that Pakistan will not change and it will always behave like this then why are we inviting it’s players to come and play here, why are we inviting its artists to perform in our TV programs and paying them hefty money. We should at least ban all the Pakistan artists from working in India, show some solidarity to our soldiers.

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