Monday, December 16, 2013

Scam Site :

As I wrote on 19, Nov, 2013 that is a fake site, I am increasingly getting responses from other online bloggers who are also supporting my opinion. William Lee, The Blog owner of “Earn Money from Blog 2.0” has also written in a post that that is a scam site. I knew it from the very beginning as the mine own past experiences have taught me that there are no shortcuts in life, not even earning money online. So this super fast way of earning online money has made me suspicious and fortunately I have got given much attention to this website which saved my time and energy.

However, I am a little perplexed as I can’t understand what does the owner or founder of www.the as earned from it.  What he may have earned by cheating the online community as what are the methods through which he may have earned so much that he has chosen this fraudulent method. I believe that the best way to earn online money is through Google Adsense.

I request experienced and knowledgeable online bloggers to shed a little light on this topic and how to know that a particular website is just a time wastage. As well as I will really appreciate if some other methods of earning online money can be shared by them.

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