Sunday, December 18, 2011

CBI’s integrity is out of question. Really?

CBI is always under attack from the opposition parties for being impartial and working as an agent of the Indian Government, however, CBI has found support in Interpol who feels that CBI is renowned in the whole world for its “impartiality and independence”.
In the opinion of Interpol chief Ronald K. Noble, India and Indians can rely on CBI for solving the corruption cases, however a common Indian can question that why CBI does takes so much time in even filing a charge sheet in the cases in which high profile people are involved. CBI is definitely very fast in arresting the people at official posts but when it comes to arresting the politicians, the impartialness and the integrity of CBI does come under scanner. Well, may be Mr. Ronald K Noble will be kind enough next time by throwing some light on this issue. 

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