Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you really want to be successful in life?

Now, if I ask you this question, you will say “what a stupid question?” of course I want to be successful, and who is there in this world who doesn’t want to be successful...True, everyone wants to be successful.
Well, different people have different definitions of success, for example, some may correlate success with name, fame, wealth and some me correlate success with respect of the society, love of the near ones, good health and while some may include all the above in success.
Whatever, your definition of success is, do you have the required characteristics for being successful? In my opinion you need to have three factories for being successful…let me share about them with you:

1.       Ice factory in your brain- How cool is that? Whether it’s personal life or professional life, you need to be calm in your head always, because if you get hot over there, then be sure that you will definitely do something or take a decision for which you may regret later in your life. We all have seen in our lives that people who have low patience, low temperament and who get angry easily are the ones whom you mostly find alone and less respected.

2.       Steel factory in heart – you need to be strong in your heart and should be able to face the problems of life with full confidence and conviction of overcoming them. For that you need a heart which can face any blow with ease. There may be times when you may need to take some tough decisions and tough decisions need tough heart.

3.       Sugar factory in your tongue - which is the mostly deadly weapon in the world? Human tongue is the most deadly weapon human beings have came across. Other deadly weapons either kill a person or get him injured physically…injuries can be healed but the tongue injures a person at the heart and the injury at the heart rarely heals and it hurts most at the heart. So you need to be sweet to people in life whether you have professional or personal relations with them.
So if you want to be successful in life…Be cool, be strong, and be nice or sweet.

All the best.

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