Thursday, May 24, 2012

Satyamev jayate : constructive criticism or frustration

I read a story and I want to share it with you all: a hunter bought a dog that can walk on water and doesn’t need to swim. One day he took his friend with him for hunting. He kept shooting the ducks and the dog kept bringing the dead ducks from the lake. The hunter was hoping to listen something from his friend about his new dog, but the whole day, friend said nothing. In evening, when they were going home, hunter decided that he will ask his friend about his dog now. He asked his friend, “Haven’t you noticed anything different about the dog? The friend replied “yes, I noticed, he can’t swim.”

I read this story in the book “You can Win” by Shiva Khera and this story tells us about those people who are habitual of looking at the negative aspects and not the positive ones.

In the same way, Satyamev jayate and Aamir Khan has been criticized by a group continuously in regard to various points. There was a big group who praised both the show and the anchor but there were some who thought the other way round.

Let me share some of the points:

1. There is nothing new – absolutely correct, the issues that have been brought up in the show are not new, a lot of activists have been talking about them, but the question is how many were listening to them? Female foeticide, child sexualabuse and dowry system, we all are aware of this evils of society but how many of us will prefer to talk about them.  But when Aamir Khan brought them up, the majority of the nation was listening and many of them have taken them seriously. The content and concept of Satyamev jayate is itself wonderful but Aamir has given it such a big audience that it may not have got if it would have been presented by someone else.
People like Taslima nasreen are so unhappy with the popularity of this program that she says she will publish her next book with the face of the star on the cover, well it is your choice but the star face cant sell your book for too long, in the end it will be the content of book. The only message for Taslima Nasreen is grow up.

2. Earning from sms- I read on one blog that Aamir  Khan always ask people to send sms and this is the way he is trying to earn. If you watch the program, you will know that the sms charge is just Re.1 and not Rs. 5 as in other programs, as well as the money is going to charity, not to the production house.

3. He is charging 3 crores – everybody works for money and even if he is charging 3 crores what is wrong with it, he is doing something good for the society as well.

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