Monday, May 28, 2012

Do you want to sleep more than 8 hrs a day? Think about it again

Every morning when the alarm goes on, you take out your hand out of your blanket and switch it off without even taking out your face out from the blanket. After that you sleep some more time until it becomes an emergency for you to get up coz you are getting late for the office or school. On the weekends, you are habitual of sleeping till late as you have off from office or school and you can afford to enjoy the pleasure of sleep.
If this is the daily routine of your life then you are definitely preparing a platform for developing problems which you will be facing in the future.

Now, if you ask what is the problem in taking a good sleep or if you say that I need to sleep this much to feel good or to keep yourself healthy, then you are wrong. An average person needs a balanced sleep of 6-7 hrs daily in order to keep fit while 5-6 hrs of sleep is also sufficient but sleeping more than 8 hrs is not good for health.

A balanced sleep will make your mood refreshing and keep you healthy, fit and fine while oversleeping will cause lethargy, changes in mood, irritation on getting up.
Have you ever thought that waking up late in the morning on the weekdays will not give you enough time to take breakfast which will keep you hungry for the day till lunch and suppose if you are so busy in the day you are not able to take lunch, then what will be your condition till the time you will be to take dinner.  Even if you take breakfast after getting up late then you will be late for the office and the day will start with BOSS’s scolding.

Now if we focus on the benefits of sleeping reasonably, then let us make a simple calculation. Suppose, a person sleep 8 hrs daily then in a month he is sleeping 240 hrs (30 days *8 hrs), and in a year he sleeps 2880 hrs (240 hrs * 12 months). If he reduces his sleep to 6 hrs daily which is a pretty sufficient amount of sleep then in a month he sleeps for 180 hrs (30 days *6hrs) and in a year he will sleep for 2160 hrs (180 hrs * 12 months). Now by doing simple subtraction you can see a if a person sleeps for an average 6 hrs daily he saves 720 hrs/year and it comes 60 hrs a month and if you want to be more specific then a total saving of 30 days/year is taking place.

Now, just think about it 30 days more in a year at your disposal, how much more work you can do, how much more you can earn, how much more time you can spend with your family and friends and these things will definitely make your life better.

So, say NO to oversleep and make your life bigger and better.

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