Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to prepare for Interview -1

Questions asked in an interview differ from job to job as they are based on the profile of the job; however, there are some common questions which are asked almost in every interview. Let us discuss some common questions and how a job aspiring candidate should answer them:

Q1. Please tell us something about yourself?
Introduction- This is the time for the candidate to tell the interview panel about himself. Introduction includes basic knowledge about the candidate, his native, educational background, family background and hobbies.
This is the first chance for the candidate to make a good impression on the interview panel. Remember, this is when you talk about yourself and if you are not good in talking about yourself, then you can’t be good in anything else. Your introduction should be simple, brief and defined in such a manner that it should give the interview panel a good idea about yourself.
Most of the time I have heard that my hobby is to play cricket, play chess, play volleyball etc., well, hobby is something which you like to do in your leisure time, now for playing cricket you need two teams which means twenty two players or even if you are talking about gully cricket you need at least 3-4 players. Now, is it certain that other people will also be free to play cricket when you are free? May be not. Hobbies like playing cricket, volleyball etc., should be avoided, instead you should be more creative and unique, and if you are not, at least try.

Q2. Why should we hire you?
Time to talk about your strengths, qualities, and characteristics and make the interview panel believe that hiring you will definitely be beneficial for the organization. You should give a considerable time in preparing for this question. First of all, find out the details of the job profile and then fit yourself in the job profile and present it in a beautified manner in front of the interview panel.
For now, we will be discussing this much only; next time we will talk more as well we will discuss some more questions like..

Q. what is your aim in life?

Q. what do you want to join this particular sector?

Q. why do you want to join this company?

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