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What is Ghostwriting? The concept and new trends

No, it is not writing what ghost tells u…

What is a Ghost writer?
When a famous person i.e a celebrity thinks that I am really selling hot and this is the right moment when I should come out with my life story as people want to know more and more about me and my autobiography will sell like hot cakes but he is not good in writing down the words in an elegant and beautiful manner, then he needs a person who can write on his behalf but doesn’t take the credit of writing. This type of writer is known as Ghost Writer.
This was just an example of ghostwriting, there can be many more chances when a ghostwriter is required, foreg, magazine articles, editing books, writing lyrics for songs and many other.

Who requires a Ghost writer?
A celebrity as in the case of above example, politicians, movie stars, sportspersons etc., There are also some persons who may have great ideas for fiction stories but writing them down on paper is not their cup of tea, so they need someone who can arrange words in a beautiful manner which is liked by the reader.

How much is the involvement of a Ghost writer?
 The involvement of a ghostwriter varies from project to project, in some projects they are involved only to the extent of drafting and editing and in some projects they may be asked to do the complete research as per the requirements provided by the person who had hired him.

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What is Blog Ghost writing ?
Blog Ghost writing is a new trend which has increased the demand of ghost writers manifold, as the popularity of blogs have compelled many firms to set up their blogs and bring traffic to their blogs. There are many ways of bringing traffic to the blog but the first and the foremost way of bringing traffic is to include relevant and knowledgeable articles in your blog. This is where the websites need writers who can write at a good speed and don’t even claim that the articles are written by them.
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How much can be the remuneration of a Ghost writer?
Remuneration of a ghost writer depends on the condition set by the ghostwriter and the employer as per their needs. Sometimes a ghostwriter is paid per page or assignment basis or complete project basis. How much a ghost writer earns also depends on the question “ For whom he/she is writing”?  and one thing that plays a very big role is deciding the remuneration of ghostwriter is that he is not going to take the credit for doing the work. A ghostwriter need to keep silence about the work completed by him. Normally, the ghostwriters are earning good, and experienced ghostwriters are always in demand.

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Future Prospects of Ghostwriting
The future prospects of ghost writing seems to be bright as the popularity of the internet blogging is increasing and the market for writers is also growing.

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