Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are you always in hurry ?

Yesterday, while I was returning from my office to my home, a biker at a very high speed, continuously honking, passed by me and it seems to me that he was in a illusion that he is driving on a race track rather  than a busy city road. At the next traffic light, as I was waiting for the red light to go green, I noticed the same biker waiting for the lights to go green. I just smiled, and asked myself “what was the benefit of riding so fast if this guy has to wait here like me? Why are people always in hurry? Why can’t they be more relaxed and calm?

However, every one of us may have experienced a sense of hastiness in our lives. It may be while driving, cooking or finishing our assignments at our work places, etc, But have we ever thought, what are the consequences of this hastiness?

I have sorted out some points which I think we face if we get ourselves into hurried mode:
Firstly, if we are in a hurry to complete some work, we increase the chances of making mistakes. We can give better performance in calm and relax mood than in haste. For example, people driving irrationally fast have more chances of losing control of the vehicle and meet in an accident rather than a person who drives at a control pace.

Secondly, whatever we do in hurry, we never enjoy it. For example, you may have faced a situation where you felt very hungry but you had very less time for lunch, you just ordered something and ate it very quickly. At this point of time, what you eat doesn’t matters; whether you had pizza or burger it makes no difference. For the very simple reason that you didn’t felt the aroma of the food, you didn’t chew it properly; you didn’t felt the taste of each and every ingredient that was in the dish. Simply speaking, you have wasted the dish.

Thirdly, and most importantly, if you are not enjoying what you are doing than you are not enjoying your life. If you are finishing everything then by the completion of every task, you have also finished a part of your life without even enjoying it. So, just sit down and think, whether you want to finish your life or you want to live it.

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