Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do you want to get the BEST job?

So you want to get the best job..a job which is free from recession, you don’t need to work for full day, you can later on convert it into your business, you can make a business empire, and ofcourse it pays handsomely.

So for all of you, who are interested, let me ask you a question. What do you think should be the eligibility criteria? Masters degree..what do you think? No way..degrees are for stupid guys..you are a smart person..you just need to be good enough to read Hindi.

Now if you can read Hindi in a good manner, the next thing you need to do buy (if you don’t have) Ramayana or Bhagwad Gita or Vishnu Puran or Shiv Puran….any one of them.
You should now start reading one of these books now daily and read it by heart (or you can mug it up). 

Once you have mugged up, you now need to practice speaking it like a professional orator. You can ask your family members, neighbours, friends to sit and listen and give their views on your skills and you should take the criticism creatively as it is the base of your wonderful career.

Once you are ready to go in front of public and speak, you can start with a small arrangement at your home or the best way is to start with organizing at the nearest temple. You need to patient because in India it may take time for you attract audience but you will never fail. Indians are most attracted to those gurus who speak on their religious books. Slowly and slowly you will see you are getting famous and the number of your disciples growing, even if you are into your late twenties you will see persons of seventy years or eighty years will be dying to touch your feet and ask for your blessings.

Now you have started getting huge amounts in donation and now it is the time to go to TV channels and ask them to give you time slot. Once you are on TV, you will start getting offers to visit different cities, you will see that politicians will also come to listen you and now you will make political contacts. One thing more you should have registered a NGO till now and started a mentally handicap centre or orphanage or old age home..as this is the time for you to tell people how emotional you are about the society and you will devote your whole life for serving the society. If you have NGO which is engaged in this sort of work you will get more donations.

Now it is the time you should plan a five star ashrams in various cities and don’t worry you need not buy land for whole ashram..come on,  you are a BABA now and you can encroach anybody’s land. Keep your membership fees as low as Rs. 2500 for a month or Rs. 51000 for a year or you can make a lifetime offer of Rs. 250000, which is pretty low for your disciples. This will increase your cash inflow and you can invest in various businesses now and earn profit.

Once you achieve this position you will feel that there are ample opportunities for you in life..and don’t forget me as I am the one who guided you, it will be better if you appoint me as your consultant.

Please note: you may have a question that why to read these books while there are Gurus who are earning good by telling simple solutions like eat wafers, go to beauty parlour, eat tikki, keep branded locks, keep black wallets, go to particular temple. Well these type of gurus get into controversy sooner or later, while the guidance given to you by me is for an everlasting career (until and unless you get caught on sting camera, keep these reporters and journalists far from you).
All the Best

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