Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to make money online?

There are lots of opportunities on the web nowadays and the earning options have grown at a very high speed. These online jobs have given people with choices of working at their leisure time as well as the earning is really good if the work done by you is of good quality. There are some options by which you can make your online career:

Writing articles - there is a lot of demand for writers who can write articles for websites and these websites will publish your articles and then they will pay in ratio of the traffic generated on your article. You can also work as content developer or content writer if you have good skills as a writer.  The market for ghostwriters and copywriters is also growing and there is a lot of scope for freelancers.
Now if you think you are not good at writing then first thing that you should do is to start a blog, you can do that at blogger or wordpress, start writing on your blog. You can choose to write on a particular subject or you can just throw your heart out and write whatever you feel to write. You will feel that as the number of articles on your blog increase your writing skills are also improving. You can earn good as a blogger by integrating some money making options to your blog such as Google Adsense (the biggest and best option), Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Cliksor, Chitika. 

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Reading emails – you can also earn a decent amount by checking emails and clicking on the advertisements inside those emails. For e.g. you can join,

Paid surveys – there are many websites on net who are paying a decent amount in return of the answers given in their surveys. However my experience with these sites is not good as I have always received the message that “Presently there are no surveys matching your profile”, may be you have a better luck than me.

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Translation - if you think that you have good command on languages than you can also work as a translator and earn a good amount by translating. You will get work on assignment basis and paid as per the assignment.

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Programming - a good programmer can also make an online career as there are many websites who are willing to pay good amount to programmers provided they write quality programs. So if you are really frustrated of that overtime working at office and writing codes, give online career a try.

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Online tutoring -  the online tutoring is a concept which is gaining popularity in India. This help teachers in teaching students who are even in foreign countries and earn better amount in comparison to what they can earn by working full time in a school. Online tutoring is done using the modern Information technology and teachers should be able to work in shifts if they are teaching foreign students.

Business online – there is a huge market for online business especially if you have the temperament needed for a marketing and sales professional. There are many businesses who are selling their products online, even if you don’t want to make your website than also you can earn good by selling products on ebay.

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