Sunday, May 20, 2012

Satyamev jayate – episode 3

The third episode of Satyamev jayate talked about the evil of dowry system. The show started with the talks of Shaadi (marriage), and Aamir asked young audiences, what comes into their mind when they hear the word “Shaadi” and what type of marriage they will prefer. The answers were really cool as most of them wanted big fat weddings, and one boy saying that he wants to go in a helicopter in his baraat, rather than horse.

Shaadi is definitely a national passion for Indians as at very early age child is said that you will get a prince when you get married (if child is a girl) and princess (if child is a boy). As soon as a boy gets a job, the relatives and neighbours start asking when is he going to get married..Marriage is the most important event for an Indian in his life.

But some families play with the life of brides and keep irrational demands. The basic modus operandy is always saying that we don’t need anything, we just want you to sent your daughter with two pair of clothes but as the day of marriage approaches near, the wedding cards are being distributed and everyone knows about the marriage then they start making demands and due to the fear of society the bride’s parents fulfill their demands.

The bride’s parents think that if they fulfill this demand then their daughter will be happy in her house but the reality is if one demand is fulfilled, second demand will take birth and if second is fulfilled then third and it goes on and on, till either the daughter is broke down or the parents are not in a position to give anything.
It is the time when either daughter is thrown out of the house or she is killed. In India almost every hour we are losing a woman due to dowry system.

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