Monday, May 21, 2012

Satyamev jayate – three weeks of social enlightment

Three episodes out of thirteen of satyamev jayate have been aired on the television, and all of them showed us the status of humanity which is degrading day by day and if we don’t wake up now, there will be more of devils on this earth rather than humans.

The first episode talked about the female foeticide and on various issues concerning it as well its consequences, for eg,. Aamir talked to a group of men in a village from Haryana, who are now around the age of 35 yrs but they are not able to get a girl to get married due to the less number of girls in and around their village, which is a result of female foeticide. The show also talked about the human trafficking of girls and buying and selling of girls as they are objects. The most shocking part was that female doctors are also involved very much in this crime, on one side we talk about a lady as mother and on other side we are seeing a lady as killer. Someone said and how true the biggest enemy of woman on this earth is a woman.

The second episode talked on the topic of child sexual abuse. This episode told us that our kids are not safe even in our homes where we have relatives, and one of them may be a psycho. I firmly believe that a person who likes to get indulge is child sexual abuse is definitely mentally retarded and he/she is dangerous for the society. How sexually frustrated we have become that we are raping the young kids and we are not even considering what effect it will have on their whole life. The shocking fact was that 53% of the kids among the abused were boys, so not even the boys are safe leave alone the safety of girls. Aamir also conducted a workshop with the kids and asked the parents to conduct this type of workshop every six months with their kids.

The third episode was dealing with the issue of dowry system and talked about the evils of dowry and showed us some cases where parents have spent more than their capacity still their daughters are not happy. There was one guest on the show Rani who with her family conducted a sting operation on her would be in-laws and brought them on camera asking for dowry openly. Girls like her are definitely the examples every girl should follow and parents should also remember that a person or family who is making demands will keep on making demands if you keep on fulfilling them. The best way to save your daughter’s life and happiness is to say NO when the first demand comes up.  The show also told us about the forceful marriages in Bihar in which a male is kidnapped and beaten till he agrees to get married, this is done because kidnapping is far cheaper in Bihar than dowry and marriage.

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