Sunday, December 16, 2012

Money, Relatives or Good Deeds

In one of the Kingdoms, there lived a person named John who had committed few petty crimes, for which the King summoned him to his court for trial. John was very much worried & fearful and hence he wanted somebody to accompany him to the court and hence he approached three of his close associates / friends.

The First friend refused fearing any consequences which can be enforced on him; John disgusted with his reply approached his second friend.

The Second friend with a little bit of hesitation accepted that he will come with him till the entrance of the court only. John declined his support since he thought that, what use will his friend be if he is coming only till the entrance which will no way help him and hence approached his Third friend.

Third friend without any hesitation accepted his request and accompanied him not only till the court but also spoke in support of his friend John & freed him from the clutches of the Kings Trial.

The moral:

The first friend is your MONEY, which means to say that he will not support you or come with you till your end

The Second friend is our RELATIVES - they too cannot help in full but they may max accompany us till the burial ground.

The Third friend is our GOOD DEEDS which will accompany us till the end and there after it will further release us from all sorts of problems / bondages of life cycles also.


So Let's all begin the cycle of GOOD DEEDS to one another selflessly, so that we get released from the cycle of Birth and Death & gain entry easily in Heaven after this life.
Let us all rise above our fights & squabbles and take the mighty plunge into good deeds.

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