Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't make a noise

 Three scholars on the way to a civil service
   examination stopped to buy refreshments from
   a woman who sold pastries. 

   One scholar was calm and quiet while the
   other two argued over literature.

   The woman asked where they were going, and
   the arguing men told her.

   "You two won't pass the exam," she said, "but
   the other man will."

   The results turned out just as the woman
   predicted, and the two who failed went back
   to find the woman to ask her if she knew some
   mystic art to predict the outcome.

   "No," she said, "all I know is that when a
   pastry is thoroughly cooked it sits there
   quietly, but before it's finished it keeps
   making noise."

Our world is so full of noise it's a wonder any of us stay
sane past the age of maybe fifteen. 

During the coming week, become aware of the endless noise
that surrounds modern life... and then consciously tune it
out by taking deep breaths and shifting your consciousness

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