Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vaastu tips for Bathroom

Bathroom is a very important part of the house as it is the place where the human body gets clean and a healthy body is a must for healthy mind and healthy soul. With the use of some vaastu tips, the negative energy can be controlled and converted to positive energy.
1)      No leakage: if the tap in bathroom is leaking and water is flowing drop by drop, then it can be a big problem. It creates negative energy and it will result in unnecessary expenditure and financial problems. The tap should be repaired or changed as soon as possible.
2)      Mirror location: the location of mirror in bathroom should be chosen carefully, the mirror should not be opposite to bathroom door. Negative energy enters bathroom as the bathroom door is opened, if the mirror is opposite to door then the negative energy will be reflected back in the house.
3)      Stop wasting water: the wastage of water should be stopped. Taps, water storage tanks should be repaired or changed to stop wastage of water. Wastage of water creates many vaastu problems which will affect directly the health and financial condition of house members.

4)      Bathroom door : while constructing or buying house, it should be kept in mind that bedroom should not have bathroom, but if bedroom has a bathroom then the door of bathroom should be kept closed when not in use and curtain should also be placed on bathroom door.
5)      Direction of flowing water: flow of water should be towards North side. If possible bathroom should be in south-west direction of the house and even it this is not possible then it should be made in North-west direction.
6)      Blue bucket: blue bucket is considered auspicious as per vaastu , therefore a blue bucket filled with clean water should be kept in bathroom as it will bring positive energy in the house.
7)      Level of flooring: the level of bathroom floor should be lower than other rooms as it will stop the flow of negative energy in the rooms.
8)      Cleanliness: clean houses attract positive energy and blessings of God more than the houses which are not clean. Bathroom should be cleaned every 2-3 days.
9)      Solid salt: pieces of solid salt should be kept in bathroom and they should be changed regularly. Solid salt absorbs negative energy from the house and creates positive environment in the house.
10)   Miscellaneous: Geyser and other electronic devices which generate heat should be fixed in south-east direction and tiles fitted on floor and wall should be light coloured.
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