Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to attract positive energy and remain happy?

The life offers us with both, happiness and sadness, in different phases of life, but to smile in difficult times is what makes a person different from the crowd.
Being sad, feeling sad will only attract more sadness and the result will be depression, anxiety and the person will go down and down only in life. Even if the time is not good, a person should keep a smile in heart and face both.
 Tips to remain happy and attract positive energy:

1)      This too shall pass: even if you are in the worst phase of life, remember this will also pass, just keep your head high and keep smiling. The only constant thing in our lives is CHANGE.
2)      Love yourself: Love and accept yourself as you are, and keep reminding yourself of your achievements, and your good qualities.
3)      Don’t dwell on past : don’t keep thinking about your past mistakes, holding yourself responsible for what has happened and punishing yourself is not going to help in creating a good future. Make peace with your past and let it rest in peace.
4)      Don’t keep grudge in your heart for anyone: just think of this world as a stage and humans as actors who are just playing their roles. So if anyone has done anything wrong with you, forgive him/her, and if you can’t forgive then punish him/her and then forget it.
5)      Choose your company carefully: be in the company of people who will help you in enhancing your skills, make you a better person. Avoid the company of negative people as they will only create negative surroundings and it will be harmful for attracting positive energy.
6)      Find reasons to laugh: laughing is the best way to attract positive energy, read jokes, watch comedy shows, dramas, have fun with your friends.
7)      Be thankful : Always be thankful to GOD for what you have and stop complaining for what you don’t have. Show Gratitude and you will get more that even you think and you can expect.

Be Happy Always 

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